I live near the Barnett Reservoir, in an area that has some of the best sunset views you’ll find in the Magnolia State. As a result, I have become a sunset “collector” if you will, of both the images and the experiences gained while capturing them.

Nothing inspires awe quite the way sunsets do. Any given evening’s particular canvas of color and light has never been seen before and will never be seen again. Each masterpiece is a unique prayer—an intimate daily conversation between painter and viewer. Obviously, not every day bids us goodnight in happy hues of orange and blue. But judging by the absence of colorless skies in my collection, I guess I didn’t deem overcast days “picture-worthy.” Maybe I need to change that. After all, we are still invited to commune with the artist, even on days when His palette consists only of shades of gray. There’s a deep lesson in there somewhere, I guess. But for now, I hope you enjoy only a fraction of the sunsets I have experienced as a “Rezident,” and that you are able to stop and enjoy yours wherever you may be. Peace be with you, friends!