I know the trend right now is to make every surface in your home white or at least very light, but I crave contrast. Unfortunately, I also have been known to change my mind. (A woman’s prerogative, no?) So I found the perfect way to add some drama to our ample bookshelves in the living room without a major commitment.

Peel-and-stick removable wall and surface covering from Target (scroll down for link; I used Devine Color brand in “Celestial”) can be easily repositioned or removed without damaging the surface behind it. So, in a couple of years when I jump on board a different décor bandwagon, no worries. And no repainting what’s underneath! It took three rolls to have enough paper to cover my shelves, but wouldn’t take nearly that much to cover the average shelf.

Take a look at the before. (No judging; I am not a decorator!)

All I did was measure the backs walls of the bookshelves, and cut 20 corresponding rectangles of the wall-covering. Then after much peeling and many several trips up and down the ladder, I had a dramatic focal point that added the contrast I was looking for:

I had seen Erin Napier and Mallorie Rasberry arrange shelves on HGTV’s HomeTown and incorporate a photo or painting hung right on the front of a bookshelf and really liked the unconventional place for that type of element. So I was inspired to use a set of antiques wall plaques in the same way in my arrangement, which turned out like this (oops I only got one side but they both look pretty much the same):

I used Devine Color brand in “Celestial, (here) but Target has SO MANY colors and patterns of peel-and-stick wall covering you can explore here. So many in fact that I was already imagining what something else would look like on my shelves. (Not happening yet; I cannot cut out anymore rectangles.) But these coverings are a perfect way to liven up shelf walls or create a focus wall in a room without committing to something that is difficult to remove or cover. Once you tire of the look, simply peel it off and it’s as if it never happened. Have fun with color and pattern!

Make life lovely!