“Fall” for this Gender Reveal Idea!

When my wonderful niece Lindsay called and said she was coming in from Chattanooga and wanted to surprise the family with a gender reveal, I was excited of course. But when she asked me to help her plan something for the reveal because she was short on time, well color me happy (in pink or blue)! We tried the confetti-stuffed balloon thing, but kept running into the problem of being able to see through it. So… we had to think of a plan B.

If y’all follow me on Instagram, you know that I am obsessed with fall leaves. It was predicted to be a gorgeous day during her visit, and the leaves were at their peak here in Mississippi. So, why not work leaves into the reveal? Lindsay was on board and said “I trust you, let’s do it.” One quick trip to Hobby Lobby later, and we had ourselves a plan.

I bought a few packs of artificial leaves and some garland, a couple of kraft boxes and ribbon, and a can of (spoiler alert) BLUE spray paint. I painted all the leaves, and once they dried, put them in the boxes and tied them with ribbon. Hobby Lobby had their two-sided standing chalkboards on sale, so I picked up one of those and whipped out a sign. It made a nice display on my mom’s patio, and left people guessing while they were eating.

Lindsay and Byron wanted the grandfathers to do the honors. So, DRUMROLL…

So, the family looks forward to meeting a new baby boy! My niece Lindsay and her sweet husband Byron are so excited and will be a wonderful mom and dad! Aren’t they cute?

UPDATE: Lucas Cain Ford is a doll baby! Pics to come.