Just like everyone else, we are trying to manage the upcoming tough times and try to learn something from them. We pray for those who are suffering, and we have a renewed gratitude for the simple things—a roof over our heads, enough food to eat, and hopefully, the presence of family. I have been brainstorming about how we used to have fun in “the old days” before social media, cell phones, the internet, or even (gasp!) a computer at all. I mean, who in my generation doesn’t recall a good game of classic Trivial Pursuit? We used to play for hours and my Dad would rule at that game.

Anyway, I have gathered some links for a few pretty inexpensive classic games that you and your family may enjoy if you are going to be spending a WHOLE LOT of time together. Click the links to shop directly. The only one that is a little more pricey is the large Connect Four-type game. I pray that you and your family fare well during this crisis and that somehow we can all come out of this having learned to not take the simple things for granted.

God bless!

(Full disclosure: I receive a very small commission if you purchase through these links, so I truly appreciate it when you use them.)