If you are at a point in your life where, let’s just say, you have probably already lived more years than you have left, but you KNOW your best is yet to be offered to the world, I welcome you to The Lovely Ride.

I have worked in publishing (mostly as a graphic designer) for more than 25 years. Still do, full time! I have been with Mississippi Magazine on and off since 1996, and I have done everything from art direction, to website design, to social media, to event planning. I am constantly learning new things and applying them at work. So why start a personal blog, you might ask? Well, sometimes you just need a creative outlet that is all your own, know what I mean?

I turned 50 this year, and that milestone naturally brings with it questions about where my life is headed. Don’t misunderstand, I am NOT sad. It’s actually an exciting time—my kids are on the brink of independence, my husband and I are enjoying each other’s company, and I am still in a fulfilling job. This stage of life is like being on a roller coaster that’s reached the top of the tallest arch, and the “clack, clack, clack” sound of the uphill climb just stopped. Sure, I am about to be headed downhill instead of up, but isn’t that the most thrilling part of the ride? Well, I intend to put my arms up in the air and make the most of the twists and turns to come.

I recently went to a James Taylor concert (HUGE FAN) so I have been listening to his songs even more than usual. One of my faves is “Secret of Life,” all about the passing of time, getting to the top of the hill, and enjoying the ride down. So, here I am, starting a site in which I hope to share anything from exploring your surroundings, to volunteering, to experimenting with design and projects, to trying new fashions and styles. Whatever I think might make life more interesting for us folks at the top of (or a tad over) the hill. Hey, like J.T. says, “Try not to try too hard, it’s just a lovely ride.” Sounds like a good name for a blog! Hope James doesn’t mind!