As I write this, it is 96 degrees. The cotton fields down the road from my house are bursting with the fluffy stuff, which usually means it’s already somewhat cool outside. But this never-ending summer, it’s just another steamy day. Still, how fun to look ahead to jacket days, knowing they will inevitably arrive. It rarely gets cold enough here in the deep South to need real fur, and I’m not a fan anyway. But funky, fake fur mixed with denim? Sure! If the price is right. And this jacket is a stone cold steal. You can find it here.


Below are some other fun and funky fur options for outerwear, assuming it’s cold enough where you live to wear them!

Here’s hoping your fall is lovely!

Yellow Faux Fur Coat | Anthropologie

Leopard and Red Faux Fur Jacket | Stein Mart

Dark Red Faux Fur Jacket | H&M